Ones To Watch / Electric River Interview

We all love a band with passion, great amounts of energy and catchy tunes. And Electric River holds each one of those qualities.

The London based punk rock group delivers an uplifting sound with meaningful lyrics, that are easy and fun to sing along to. They also have a reputation of a great dynamic live act and a support from cool magazines like Big Cheese.

With their new EP In Your Name (out October 22) and a full UK tour on the way, Electric River surely is the new exciting band to watch out for.

So read on to find out about the band in the following interview and go and check out their music.

What is the story behind creation of Electric River and what are your different musical backgrounds?

The current line up of Electric River was formed way back in November 2004, by four despondent youths looking for some sort of satisfaction that wasn’t just prepackaged, academic or in a video game. Our musical backgrounds became a collision of Punk, Metal, Pop and Rock, which in turn has influenced us as a band to find our own happy medium and sound.

What do you think makes you stand out from other rock bands out there?

We sound like a band who have played and grown up together, which is something you simply can’t recreate or imitate just by studying the rudiments of music. As songwriters, we aren’t afraid to speak out and put ourselves in the minority of people, who genuinely have the bollocks to express their opinions. Ironically, these opinions are more than likely already what the majority are already thinking. That doesn’t mean however, that we’re musical activists, or just reeling off newspaper clippings in music – we’re just very real.

How was the recording of your upcoming EP ‘In Your Name’ and what can we expect from it? 

This EP was recorded in stages and was predominantly dictated by our budget, or lack of. The drums were recorded on the sly in a top London studio, before we tracked all the guitars and vocals at our own place. Finally, the sonic icing on the cake was to hand over the project to a mix engineer called James Bragg, who churned it, burned it, built it and turned it into what it is now – a clear, big sounding record with a raw backbone.

What is your usual music making process and who do you draw your influences from? 

Musically, our ideas come thick and fast, but like to build our songs from the roots of a vocal and an acoustic guitar, upwards first. We then demo it, so we can reflect on it in our own time with a more neutral set of ears and repeat the process, like a musical distillery constantly refining and defining. In the end, it normally requires a lot of teamwork, patience, paper, broken guitar strings  and sweat, before we finally settle on a song. Occasionally however, there are exceptions to the rule, for example track 1 ‘Happy’ on this EP, was written in its final version in about fifteen minutes.

You have done quite a few shows lately, with more to come. What’s the best part of these shows for you? 

We always do our best to try and reach an atmospheric euphoria, that can only happen if the vibe of the audience is right. When everybody is pitching for the same musical high as we are, it makes light work out of what we do, and we become as much a part of the audience as anyone else – captive to the emotion. Sing alongs, call and responses, and just generally letting yourself go, are parts of what makes up those moments. Its a 2 way relationship and when it works, they’re the best parts of our shows, because you can’t pre conceive them.

You are known as a very energetic live band. What are the other attractions of your live shows?

We’re fortunate to be one of those bands,that have songs catchy enough, that by the 2nd or 3rd chorus, you’re able to join in. Sometimes it takes people a while to muster up the courage to jump out of their comfort zone and join someone else’s cause, but the songs have enough meaning, and are enough of an invitation for a bit of excitement and fun.

Is there any artist or band you’d love to collaborate or tour with in the future?

The list is endless – but to name a few: The Gaslight Anthem, Billy Talent, The Enemy, The King Cannons, and (are we allowed to say?) Green Day, would all make our lives.

What is the biggest ambition for Electric River?

The older we get, the more we realise how lucky we are to still be doing this, despite being an unsigned commodity. If we could earn a good enough living to get on with our lives, solely doing what we love most – producing music and playing to lots of like minded people regularly – we’ll have reached our main objective.

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