Liebster Blog Award

Ladies and gentlemen, today my blog got its first award! And I could not be more excited and honored about this. Seeing that people  read my blog and like what they see is beyond amazing. I love what I do and things like this make it all worth while. Best feeling ever!

There are some terms of the acceptance for this award so let’s go:

1. Thank the person who nominated you and link back to them.

2. Copy and paste the award logo.

3. Nominate five other bloggers you would like to pass the award on to.

4. Tell your readers ten random facts about you.

So let’s start with a HUGE THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart to one of the greatest music bloggers around here => Olga Polomoshnova who awarded me and who runs a truly rocktastic blog Rock Britain. There she shares her great passion for British rock music and her blog offers you stuff by some amazing British rock bands, inspirational qoutes by artists, album and gig reviews and much more. She’s an exceptional writer so go and follow/check her blog and keep rocking!

Now five blogs I’d like to pass my award on to:

1. Andy’s New Music

Andy is one of my music buddies on twitter who’s music recommendations hardly ever fail. He’s also a contributor to Mudkiss. His blog is very versatile and offers different kinds of music you’ve might not ever heard before but you surely won’t be disappointed with the stuff you find there.

Worth checking out: Folk Is The New Prog

2. Anomnom 

A blog run by Kaja that I have stumbled upon after we went to the same White Lies gig in Wembley last December. Her blog kinda gave me an idea to start blogging about music myself. She has a great open minded views on music and writes great album and gig reviews.

Worth checking out: Lost Prophets Bring ‘Em All Down

3. Music Blog 95

It’s owner Jonathan says: ”Writing (or in this case blogging) has that magical power to just let you escape from what’s around you and delve deep into your mind.” and as another passionate music lover, he shares some beautiful and powerful tunes.

Worth checkin out: Pick Me Up Song #2

4. Bethany Potter

Bethany is a student from Brighton who loves music and writing and here she shares her amazing gig experiences. The quote by Frank Turner under her blog title says it all: ”I still believe that everyone can find a song for every time they’ve lost and every time they’ve won”

Worth checking out: Miles Kane – 28/04/12 – HMV Forum London

5. Front Row Stef

Another great blog offering loads of great gig reviews that are very honest, funny and enjoyable written by Stef who really seems to belong in the front row ;).

Worth checking out: Frank Turner, Wembley Arena, 13/04/12

Now. I am supposed to reveal 10 facts about me (well except loving music of course) . Let’s see…

1. My first proper music crush was a band called HIM, when I was about 13/14.

2. I always wanted to be a script writer. I love films but was never really good at creating stories. (Could easily get the idea and start it off but developing it was another thing haha)

3. I love Jeff Buckley. It’s quite personal and hard to explain why his music, lyrics and quotes have had such an impact on me over the years. But the fact is that he’ll always be on the very top of my list.

4. I love animals. My favourites are gorillas and turtles. I am a member of Gorilla Organisation, which I’m really proud of.

5. I hate spiders. Although I try not to kill them, just catch them and take them outside (90 percent of the time 😉 ).

6. I always wanted to play a guitar and piano. Still didn’t get a chance.

7. I love country music and that’s why one of my dreams is to visit Nashville.

8. I am stubborn. I take advice and opinions on board but always do my own thing anyway…

9. Don’t know if it’s a fact but people tell me sometimes, that I’m nice to people that don’t deserve it. But don’t they really?

10. I’m passionate about way too many things. I wish I had more time for all of them.

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