Ryan Adams – London Palladium Review

I knew that seeing Ryan Adams live at the gorgeous London Palladium is going to be a very special moment. Ryan’s music has been there through the years for those with broken hearts, rejected by love or simply the ones in love. And hundreds of those people came to experience all the beautiful and heartfelt emotions live last night.

London Palladium is a place where you can enjoy every little sound very clearly so it was a perfect place to enjoy Ryan’s music and voice to the full.

The place was filling up really quick with people of all different kinds of age, friends, couples or the ones who came on their own, myself included.

They all had their own reasons for being there, all ready for Mr Adams to appear on stage as two of his beautiful guitars were waiting for him.

As he came on the stage with the audience cheering loudly with excitement, he sat down, took his guitar and started playing Oh My Sweet Carolina. My eyes started to water as I was sitting there in the audience with my ears glued to the sound and listening to one of the most beautiful live  voices I’ve ever heard. Clearly others in the audience got quite emotional, wiping off their tears or couples putting their arms around each other.

Ryan was incredible while singing and playing both of his guitars, harmonica or a piano through the night. He played a set of amazing tracks. To name a few, we heard If I am Stranger, Everybody Knows, Why Do They Leave, The Rescue Blues, Lucky, English Girls Approximately or Come Pick Me Up.

He made the audience laugh between each song with his witty humor. As he performed a set of slow tracks he joked ‘I’m trying to get through the fast ones so I can get to the ballads’ or something like ‘Thank you Wizard of Oz for not happening tonight and sorry to its fans who came and are fucking confused now. By the way, Dorothy dies in the end. Alone.’

Highlight of the night was Ryan playing a song on the piano called Mr Cat. Absolutely lovely, brilliant and funny song dedicated to his cat.

I was laughing so hard as Ryan was describing his relationship with Mr Cat and his love for him. Him going ‘purrrrrr, purrrrrr, purrrrrr’ was something I’d never expect to hear during the set but on the other hand we all know how much Ryan loves those animals.

And that’s another reason to love Ryan Adams. He’s down to earth, funny, humble, and most of all one of the best and real musicians this world has.

It’s hard to put down all the feelings from the night.  I feel really lucky to have seen one of my all time favourite artists playing live and experience the wonderful music and emotions for real. Unforgettable.

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