Brighton Band Feature – Rubylux

Brighton based Rubylux are one of the bands that has gained more success in countries other than UK but the band says that “The idea of succeeding at home doesn’t frustrate us, it’s a challenge. We won’t stop until we’ve pulled that off.”

Their universal sound has helped them  to become one of the few Western bands to have toured Vietnam, their songs have been played on Heroes and Neighbours and they have already released their own live DVD.  And that’s pretty cool for a band that started out playing Street Gigs around Brighton. Thanks to them and their fan’s support, they got to record their stunning debut album Fake Control.

Rob Humphreys (vocals, guitar), Adam Harris (keyboard), Mike Hall (drums) and Clark Coslett-Hughes (bass, backing vocals) have gained many dedicated fans worldwide for their passionate musicianship, beautiful music and giving their fans an opportunity to subscribe to their fan club and receive some exciting stuff! Check out their website to find out more!

Their album Fake Control is a great mix of rock and pop tracks with very inspiring lyrics. It’s clear why the band is loved by so many people as their music is truly uplifting. The vocal is faultless and the band sounds amazing acoustic if you check out the video section on their website or their YouTube Channel. Must be a real treat to see them live.

Lead tracks on the album include The Boy Could Fly and What You Need and my personal favourite is Wesminister.

Rubylux’s determination to succeed over here in UK is paying off and we shall look forward to what’s coming next from this amazing band.

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2 thoughts on “Brighton Band Feature – Rubylux”

  1. Cool tune! And oooh, what a video! Playing at the beach is so magnificent! And I absolutely love the van they’re driving. The atmosphere is incredible!

    1. Glad you like it! Their album is full of great tunes and yeah I love the videos too! It’s so common here in UK that some really good bands don’t get the recognition they deserve and this band really should.

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