Getting to Know Automatic Writing

Automatic Writing consists of two London based brothers Neave and Jamie Merrick who create their own original type of electro-pop-noir with a style.

Great electronic elements, very cool and unique vocal plus their creative homemade music videos add a special effect and personality to their brilliant sound.

Here Neave and Jamie answer questions about music, their influences, likes, plans for the future etc.

When and why did you start making music and what made you choose the style/genre of it?

(NM) When I was about 9, I remember hearing Kate Bush’s Wuthering Heights on the radio and being blown away by it. The voice and the atmosphere really inspired me and I saved my pocket money to get a tape of her ‘Whole Story’ collection. She was my introduction to music but it was discovering The Cure that inspired me to start writing songs at the age of eleven. Since then, I’ve been hooked.

(JM) I only got into the idea of actually making music relatively recently. Neave would like to think he influenced me but that’s far from the truth. Although he did get me into The Smiths and Bowie so I’ll give him that.

(NM) When it comes to our style of music we never sat down and decided on a specific sound. It just comes from the music we listen to really. I’ve always been more drawn to electronic acts for some reason.

What influences you the most while writing the lyrics?

(NM) Day to day thoughts and feelings quite often influence my lyrics. It can be quite cathartic writing things down and getting them off your chest that way. Although it can also be fun writing from someone else’s perspective instead of just your own. Sometimes eves dropping on other peoples conversations can trigger a song. That’s something I like to do a lot haha!

Which musicians/movies/books do you like? 

(JM) Film wise we’re both big David Lynch buffs. He has such an original view of the world that you can’t help but be inspired by it. His soundtracks are incredible too.

(NM) We both love the likes of Bowie, The Smiths, Depeche Mode, Suicide, Arthur Russell, Brian Eno etc etc. I’ve been hooked on more recent like Grimes, John Maus and Anna Calvi too so I’m not completely stuck in the past!

(JM) I’ve been reading quite a few of Quentin Crisps memoirs lately. He’s really funny and endlessly quotable. A modern day Oscar Wilde if ever there was one.

(NM) I recently read JG Ballard’s High Rise. It’s both gripping and unsettling. Some of the images he creates have stayed with me ever since.

Your music videos are quite unique and interesting. Do you make them yourselves?

(NM) I made the video’s for ‘Continuous’ and ‘This Is Happening’ on my own at home with some footage I found whilst trawling the deepest darkest recesses of the internet. Then both me and Jamie worked on the video for ‘Crystal Visions’ and my girlfriend Charis filmed it.

(JM) We both think it’s important for a band to have a strong visual element and making video’s just adds another dimension to what we do.

There are many unsigned artists out there trying to make it in music. What are your thoughts about todays music industry?

(JM) There are loads more people making music now because you can do virtually everything from your own bedroom. That’s great in one respect but it does mean it’s harder to get noticed.

(NM) Yeah that’s true but there are also way more avenues in which you can put your music out there and at the end the day all you can do is make music that pleases you and hopefully other people will get a kick out of it too.

All your songs are available for free download on Sound Cloud. Do you have any more music, shows coming up?

(NM) We’ve just recorded a track that we’re really excited about and we’re planning on releasing it as a limited 7″ in the summertime.

(JM) We’re also in the process of booking more dates for the coming months. We gigged so much last year we though we’d have a break from it and focus more on  writing new material and planning our next moves…

You can download Automatic Writing music free on Sound Cloud and if you like, follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

2 thoughts on “Getting to Know Automatic Writing”

    1. Glad you like it! I think these guys are pretty special and I agree with the outer space comment. Something this original is always good 🙂

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