Justin Furstenfeld/Blue October – Dingwalls, London Review

8th March 2012 – An Acoustic Performance by Justin Furstenfeld/Blue October at Dingwalls, London

When you love a musician/band whose music and words save your days and it’s there for you whenever you feel happy, sad, angry or hopeless, you always wish you’d have a chance to see them live one day.

And Blue October‘s music has been there for me in many situations. It’s been one of my greatest wishes to see this band live but I was never lucky before, until I found out  they were going to do an acoustic tour over here in UK. I got tickets and realized that some dreams do come true.

I was going to see one of my music heroes Justin Furstenfeld live. Man, whose honesty and emotions touched me and helped me to express and let out many feelings through his music.

I had to pinch myself a few times to realize that the day has come. I was on my way to see Justin’s acoustic performance at Dingwalls in London.

There was a long queue outside the venue when we got there. It was great to be among other passionate fans of this amazing band.

The venue was nice, small and intimate. We got near the front and I was really excited at this point and I still could not believe I was there.

The first support act was an English musician called Dan Shears who played a few folk tracks and  sang really beautifully. He made the audience laugh with his funny liners between the songs. Check him out on Facebook!

The second support act was an American singer/songwriter Tori Vasquez who’s been supporting Blue October’s Justin and Ryan through the acoustic tour here in UK. She blew us away with her stunning voice and great songs. This girls is so talented. We got her EP later on and she signed it for us and told us how much she loved playing over here. Check out Tori’s music on her Facebook page!

During one of Tori’s songs called Let it go, Justin surprisingly appeared on stage and sang the song with her. That was a very special and amazing moment. The audience went kinda crazy!

As we all waited impatiently for Justin to finally come on stage and perform, the moment has come and he appeared,  joined by Ryan who plays the violin and piano in the band. I was really happy to see Ryan as I always admired his killer violin skills which bring the originality to Blue October’s music.

Starting with very powerful performance of Come In Closer, I stood there speechless and overwhelmed. As I looked around, I saw people with tears in their eyes. We could feel every single emotion coming from Justin’s performance. It was so real. Incredible.

During Into The Ocean, the whole audience joined in by singing the famous lyrics: I want to swim away but don’t know how, sometimes it feels just like I’m falling in the ocean…

One of the songs I hoped to hear that night was one of my personal favorites, Hate Me. This song means a lot to me and being able to see Justin playing and singing an acoustic version of it was much more than I imagined. I sang and felt every word. One of the greatest wow moments I’ve experienced.

Let it go, The 21st or Graceful Dancing… you could just break down by the beautifulness and emotion of it all.  Especially when Justin started to talk about his daughter, how much he misses her while he’s away and that  he loves and needs to sing about her to us when he’s not with her.

That’s when the most emotional moment came as he sang The Feel Again (Stay) with tears falling down his face. It was really heartbreaking to watch, but also so beautiful to see how much he loves his little baby girl Blue.

There was some laugh involved too as Justin told us a story about how he and Ryan started to play music together or simply just making jokes with the audience.

My other favorite performance of the night was The Worry List; while singing  ‘Take me off your worry list, it’ll be better that way and I’m doin’ fine and I’ve got plenty of friends around…’ Justin kept shouting ‘thank you!’ to the audience.

Finishing with another gorgeous song about his daughter, Blue Does, Justin left the stage and Ryan did us a treat by playing a stunning violin piece at the end.

Justin surprised the audience by coming out and shaking some peoples hands before going backstage for good.

I still think about this night and feel extremely grateful for being able to be there. I don’t know if I ever see this band live again, I really hope so, but even if I didn’t, the memory and feeling I took from this night is something nobody will take away from me. Ever.

Here is couple of videos taken on the night by red12381

Blue October’s linksWebsite, Facebook, Twitter

10 thoughts on “Justin Furstenfeld/Blue October – Dingwalls, London Review”

    1. Thank you. You know when you get to see someone you admire so much, you want to take as much as you can from it, because it could be just that one time you know… It really gave the experience I wished for, even better 🙂

  1. I have never heard of Justin Furstenfeld or Blue October before, but your review of the gig makes it sound like an incredible experience. That’s what I love about live music – the truthfulness of it. I’d love to go to an intimate gig in a small venue!

  2. i have seen Blue 7 times and next month I will be seeing them 2 more. I have yet to see Justin do an acoustic set. One of the shows next month boasts him as one of the opening acts and I have been giddy since we bought the tickets. I am schizophrenic and my wife is bi-polar. A lot of the music that comes from his beautiful mind speaks to us so deeply (like it does to so many others) that I doubt we will ever remove them from our playlists. Justin has gotten us through some really rough points in our lives and in our marriage.

    1. Thank you for your comment which is very inspiring. I admire your strength and I understand that Justin’s music and words help you to get through tough times. He helped many of us through different situations. I hope you enjoy the concerts and I wish you and your wife all the best x

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