Friends, Lovers, Rivals – Say Hello to Mutineers

Yes. Say hello to Nicholas James Mallins (vocals/guitar), Michael Reed (guitar), Iwan Gronow (bass) and Jack Mitchell, (drums) = Mutineers / my top twitter discovery of the week.

You get many interesting followers on twitter. But when it’s a band, and the band is from Manchester, you surely gotta check that out, right?

And that’s how I came across Mutineers. Thank God. Otherwise I would not be writing this. Obviously.

Their debut album Friends, Lovers, Rivals came out in October 2010. That makes me feel like I’ve been living under a rock. But, it’s never too late for finding a great music!

First, I listened to a preview of the album on itunes and I liked the sound of it… so I went straight on youtube.

It took only a couple of songs for me to get straight back to itunes and download the whole album. I was hooked.

How come I haven’t heard about these guys before? They seem to have a great fan base already and amazingly they communicate with them on daily basis through social networks.

Not only they seem like a great bunch of guys, most importantly, Mutineers are fine musicians.

Their album is so good. Stuff like this should be played on radio on daily basis. Then maybe even I would listen to it more often. People need to hear bands like this!

Their background includes playing in a different groups like Cardinals and Johnny Marr’s Healers. Yes. THAT Johnny Marr.

They also supported musicians like Pete Doherty, The View and Wintersleep in the past!

Friends, Lovers, Rivals album has 11 tracks with a engaging, catchy guitar sounds complimented by the stunning vocal from Nicholas James Mallins, not to mention his amazing ability of poetic lyric writing.

Have a listen…

If you’d like to know more about this band, check out their interesting bio at Tri-Tone/Mutineers, follow them on twitter – @Mutineers_ or on facebook – @Mutineers.

And of course here is a link to their debut album – Itunes!

Mutineers are a band worth checking out if you want to hear something that speaks to you melodically and lyrically.

Manchester surely has a lot of hidden talents.

I wish these guys well and I hope they will come out with some new stuff soon and maybe do some shows around UK!

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